Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #99

  1. inveighs
  2. muckraked
  3. opprobrium
  4. punctilious
  5. stultifies

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Religion the scientists," the professor railed. "By insisting we believe in such ridiculous notions as the Miracle of the Eucharist, the Church negates the importance the Scientific Method and creates a population of anti-intellectual blockheads."

Woodward and Bernstein the Nixon Administration and the Republican Party; their exposing of dishonorable conduct forced President Nixon's resignation. At least in certain circles, however, Nixon's was to prove short-lived. After resuscitating his image, Nixon was regarded as a statesman and was consulted on international affairs by many politicians.

The leader of the Communist Party against free markets and private ownership. One of his favorite phrases is "capitalist pigs."

Diplomats must be on matters of protocol: strict adherence to the minute details of a foreign culture's norms will help win instant respect.


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