Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #98

  1. adjured
  2. gibed
  3. mastodon
  4. mercenary
  5. ontic

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Compared to a laptop with word processing software, the 1878 Remington No. 2 typewriter is a . If maintained, the Nineteenth Century beast may still be reliable for tapping out some prose, but word processors offering spell checking and fancy formatting have outmoded the contraption.

The school bully Andy, an undersized weakling who had no choice but to endure the bully's taunts.

"I am an old-school scientist," Dr. Stein said. "As such, I deal with the elements of our existence. I leave the phenomenal aspects to the clergy and psychics.

In the American Revolutionary War, King George used a substantial number of troops to fight the colonists. Most of these troops were Germans who went to battle for the highest bidder.

The ghost young Hamlet to avenge his father's murder. Hamlet knew he would be cursed for all time if he did not punish the slayer.


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