Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #97

  1. denigrate
  2. dysgenic
  3. sticky wicket
  4. syllogism
  5. timorous

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Bill Cosby believes rap music has a effect. He claims rap's vulgar lyrics that promote violence against women have a deleterious influence on the African-American community.

"I arrive at my conclusion through a very simple ," the recently-divorced Kate said. "All men are pigs. My ex-husband is a man. Therefore, my ex-husband is a pig."

When Senator Glib's accountant publicly accused him of embezzling over one million dollars, the senator called a press conference. Although Glib is usually facile with the media, he found himself on a . The reporters had done their homework, and their well-researched accusations left the senator speechless. In desperation, Senator Glib attempted an ad hominem attack. "My accountant is a conservative Republican. I'm a liberal Democrat," Senator Glib said. "Is it any surprise that this partisan hack should attempt to me?"

Beaten and belittled by her parents, Margaret grew into a adult. She feared everyone and everything and, understandably, lacked the self-confidence that would allow her to become a successful businesswoman.


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