Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #96

  1. boor
  2. garners
  3. probity
  4. rebuke
  5. welter

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Mr. Javert attended church every Sunday. He was sincere in all of his affairs and had eyes for no woman except his wife. Mr. Javert exuded from every pore.

"Well, you ain't never gonna marry no princess," Eliza told her son. She exhibited no refinement for her son to emulate and she failed to teach him any manners, so the poor boy grew into a yahoo. "You is a , child," Eliza said, "and any aristocrat lady can see that!"

The children ran wildly through Hyde Park, bumping into elderly ladies and harassing dogs and cats. Sir Wellington, observing the ruckus, approached the children's mothers and said, "Madams, your children at once lest they will grow up to be incarcerated!"

During the war, the king needed cornbread to feed his troops. So he ordered all farmers to empty their and relinquish their corn stores for the good of their country.

From an observation platform in a dilapidated, overcrowded insane asylum, I spied a of lunatics, undulating like the sea in a storm.


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