Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #95

  1. feculent
  2. indited
  3. sobriquet
  4. taciturn
  5. vaticinate

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The upstream villagers urinate and defecate into the river, leaving a water supply for those downstream.

When little Sally is moody, she becomes . Her mother tells her, "Sally, you'd better start talking or you'll never see ice cream again." Within seconds, Sally is loquacious.

Judge Williams needed to formerly accuse the deaf suspect, but his court had no access to a sign language translator. So, Judge Williams his indictment. The bailiff handed Judge William's document to the accused.

My name is Charles, but after years of working as a clown I acquired the of Chuckles. I never cared much for the nickname, but folks seem to like it, so I don't correct them.

The soothsayer urged his emperor to engage in battle: "I see a spider on the wall, my Lord. In light of such a good omen, I great success on the battlefield."


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