Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #94

  1. eviscerated
  2. invective
  3. licentious
  4. niggling
  5. wriggling

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"You must stop your and concentrate on more important matters," the boss told her subordinate. "For example, don't obsess over the fonts you use in your memos; focus your attention on the memos' contents."

Katie screamed at a snake its way down the stone path.

In an attempt to drub the Leftists, the sharp-tongued Republican columnist penned her usual , referring to feminists as women with male genitalia and liberal men as girlie-boys. The bomb-thrower also wrote a few paragraphs claiming that Democrats regularly copulate with farm animals, including details of a former Clinton advisor who allegedly performed acts with a donkey. Her publisher vetted the column and printed only a tame, jejune version, sans the hyperbolic rants. "You have my writing!" the columnist railed at her publisher. "In the future, I will work only with outlets that don't water down my pieces."


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