Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #93

  1. besom
  2. canard
  3. epigone
  4. everywhen
  5. obdurate

Put the correct word's number in each box:

During their year of separation, Mrs. Smith, still enamored of her husband, made several attempts to reconstitute her marriage. But her husband remained , insisting they divorce. "You're a witch! You always were and you always will be," Mr. Smith erupted at his soon to be ex-wife. "Why don't you grab your , mount it and fly out of my life forever?"

Critics of the Air Force accused the military of spreading a about UFO visitations. The tall tale, according to the critics, was designed to distract the media from test flights of top secret aircraft.

"Many writers have tried to equal Shakespeare's theatrical perfection" the English professor stated. "But each has proven himself an . All were hacks compared to the Bard."

"Poverty has killed for thousands of years...earthquakes continue to destroy entire towns...war has raged since the beginning of civilization," the preacher roared, "but throughout time God has never been absent! He is with mankind ."


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