Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #92

  1. abased
  2. aesthete
  3. amerced
  4. artless
  5. ascetic

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Demonstrating the natural beauty of unaffected motion, the peasant girl glided through space with grace. Such guileless motion is rarely seen in the aristocratic girls who attended movement classes.

The court the landowner for paying his taxes fourteen days late. The fine was appropriate for one delinquent by only a fortnight.

"If you join our religion, you will become an ," Jon told the potential recruit. "Celibacy is mandatory, the diet is restricted to spinach and beans and each day, fourteen hours of work are required."

Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect of Central Park, was a unique . He saw beauty in carefully shaped mounds of earth and judiciously placed bridges. Olmsted wished to bring that grandeur to New Yorkers of every social class.

The capturing soldiers our king by parading him in nothing but his underwear.


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