Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #91

  1. antipodal
  2. matériel
  3. miscible
  4. sapient
  5. sibilant

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Oh, Nero is so ," the prisoner railed mockingly minutes before he was executed for treason. "Under his sage leadership, the Julio-Claudian dynasty of Rome will never fall!"

Somewhere in the middle of the first act, several dissatisfied audience members began hissing at the actors. Undaunted by the chorus, the performers continued.

Mark and Ralph are brothers, but they exhibit personas. Mark projects the image of a scholar and is always seen with the most respectable women. Ralph is frequently drunk and consorts with dames of questionable character.

Oil and water are not .

Critics of the war said we rushed to battle without sufficient : parents needed to buy bulletproof vests for their children serving in the field.


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