Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #90

  1. encomium
  2. ephemera
  3. excrescences
  4. fleshpot
  5. loci

Put the correct word's number in each box:

On a street in Bangkok, a prostitute tempted the visiting businessman to enter the from which she worked.

Gossip is everywhere in this town, but the of those who engage in chin-wags are the pubs. Each pub is an epicenter of salacious chat.

Father's memorial service is tomorrow. I will deliver an . My panegyric will reflect on the life of that magnanimous and accomplished man.

The rare bone disorder caused various . A knob the size of a baseball protruded from the right side of his face and his left hip bulged, causing a disturbance in his gait.

"I was an in Hollywood," the former actress said between sips of gin. "Between 1977 and 1979, I had starring roles in two feature films and a television series on NBC. By 1980 I was unemployed and no one knew my name."


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