Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #85

  1. über alles
  2. Babbitt
  3. Barmecidal
  4. Philadelphian
  5. marmoreal

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I'm breaking up with you because you are rude, inconsiderate and have halitosis," Gertrude told Bernard. Then, hoping to shrink his Brobdingnagian ego, she added, "But, , I'm dumping you because you are lousy in bed!"

On Christmas Eve the prisoners held a feast. The pretended their stale bread was baguette, their meat patties were filet mignon and their lukewarm water was chilled Chablis.

The cable news channel produced a scathing piece on John Peuple, a Conservative businessman in Maryland. The reporter-a New York liberal-named him "the of Baltimore", offering his occupation and alleged Philistine behavior as proof. The reporter was either unaware of or chose not to acknowledge John's largess and love of humanity. If the reporter had chosen to extol those virtues, she would have referred to John as a .

My father was . I perceived him as one would see a statue in a museum: cold, distant, and unapproachable.


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