Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #84

  1. ab initio
  2. Philistine
  3. fata morgana
  4. hawkshaw
  5. kenspeckle

Put the correct word's number in each box:

To maximize your creativity, throw away most of what you believe you know and reconstruct your knowledge .

"I've had it with these Republicans!" railed the art professor. "All they care about is the accumulation of wealth in their prosaic, trivial lives. They are ; they have no appreciation for culture ."

On a hot summer day the pavement looks like a pool of water, but it's only a .

"I'm not walking down Broadway without my hat and sunglasses," the Scottish Academy Award-winning actress said. "I have a face."

He was a traffic cop until his supervisors realized that he could be the next Sherlock Holmes. Now he is the department's most accomplished .


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