Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #82

  1. argy-bargy
  2. hauteur
  3. idempotent
  4. lachrymose
  5. lugubriously

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Consider the matrix M," the mathematician said. "M multiplied by itself equals M. Therefore, M is ."

The recently-widowed Mrs. Greene wailed at her husband's grave. With eyes, she turned to her father, but even he could not stop her tears.

Our contentious neighbors couldn't let a week pass without an . While trivial compared to the Hatfields and the McCoys, our neighbors were known throughout the town for their fiery arguments.

John Kennedy, Jr. is remembered for his lack of . Although a member of America's "royalty," he chose to exude humility, eschewing the arrogance so commonly found in those of wealth and pedigree.


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