Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #80

  1. bagnio
  2. bestiaries
  3. denuded
  4. fecund
  5. outré

Put the correct word's number in each box:

I'm going to write a tale about unruly unicorns reformed by pious elves. It will be reminiscent of the of the 14th Century.

Within an hour of docking, the sailors had secured the services of prostitutes employed at the local . Some of the sailors tried to impress the ladies with unusual, taboo carnal acts, but the harlots were unimpressed by the young men's attempts at copulation. The girls had experienced much more extreme activity.

Eons of rainfall the once verdant mountain. Only bare rock remains.

"G-d instructed us to be fruitful and multiply," Rabbi Scotkin said. "Therefore, we must consider it our duty to be ."


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