Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #79

  1. apotropaic
  2. chatelaine
  3. estival
  4. flapdoodle
  5. pluckily

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The young Frenchmen, driven by the spirit of revolution, erected a barricade from which they intended to fight. Their determination, however, was not rewarded; many of them would perish on their fortification.

He wasn't a scientist; he was a charlatan. His theories were , which explains why he was never able to publish his bunk.

"When I grow up," young Jenny said, "the only occupation I shall want is as the mistress of an estate in the south of France. I shall play the role of a with panache."

The priests buried Pharaoh with several objects. The statue of a cat, a ruby and the gold necklace were thought to avert any misfortunes during the king's journey to Osiris.

The Fourth of July picnic is my favorite celebration.


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