Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #78

  1. macerate
  2. mange
  3. manqué
  4. manse
  5. minion

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Let the strawberries soak in brandy for at least two hours," Martha told her audience. "If you want, you can them overnight."

Several of my boss' sycophants have done quite well, but I refuse to achieve professional advancement by being my boss' .

"The mites have infested Old Yeller," the veterinarian said. "He has sarcoptic ."

The physician now works as a nurse. It's such a pity; if she had had the money, she would have made it through medical school handily.

The minister admired the design of his , but officials of the Church of Scotland were infuriated by how much it cost to heat the house.


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