Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #76

  1. agronomy
  2. demography
  3. eschatology
  4. ethology
  5. tautology

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"You must always avoid ," the writing professor instructed her students. "No one wants to read your rambling repetitions."

Sir Winston is in Tibet observing the behavior of Great Pandas. Although these bears inhabit several local zoos, Sir Winston's careful adherence to the fundamental tenants of requires him to view the animals in their natural habitat.

As told in Genesis, Joseph successfully predicted seven years of excellent crops. Joseph's prognostication, however, was the result of prophetic dreams, not the application of .

When John studied , he focused on the book of Revelation and the Last Judgment.

After earning a master's degree in applied statistics, Susan entered the field of . She collected and studied data on third world nations.


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