Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #75

  1. agglomeration
  2. clemency
  3. epiphany
  4. foment
  5. limpid

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Judge Turpin hates legalese. When you file your motions, don't give him turgid prose; use language.

His writing provides no new evidence in any one field. The strength of his book comes from his of such seemingly disparate fields as anthropology, music, mathematics, political science and theatre.

After four days of wind and rain, I was grateful for the when the sun finally appeared.

The group committed no direct acts of terror, but it did terrorism: the group provided training and supplies to would-be terrorists.

After months of trying to understand the differences between general relativity and quantum mechanics, I finally had an when I read Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe.


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