Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #73

  1. disabuse
  2. freighted
  3. panegyric
  4. redoubt
  5. reprobating

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Mr. Rogue was a scoundrel. Two days after Rogue's death, a former business partner published a scathing editorial Rogue for an array of transgressions including time spent in prison for embezzlement and several extramarital affairs. One would expect Rogue's widow to be with memories of a scandalous husband and a tumultuous marriage, but not Mrs. Rogue. Out of fantasies, she created a mental , and in it she hid, refusing to see the truth. At her husband's memorial service, she delivered a glowing—albeit false—. Weeks later, Mrs. Rogue's brother attempted to her by reminding her of the prison time and intimating about the affairs, but the widow could not be freed from her fallacies. She continued to believe her husband was nothing short of a saint.


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