Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #71

  1. discursive
  2. enjoined
  3. omertà
  4. purveyed
  5. trumpery

Put the correct word's number in each box:

On his first day of work, the accounting firm John with the essentials: business cards, a laptop and the key to the men's room.

"You broke the ," Don Giovanni barked, his cocked pistol pointed at the offender. "We don't tolerate squealers. Die, traitor!"

My psychic me to break off my engagement. I suppose the tarot cards augured some disaster if I participated in the nuptials. My father, a man of science with no time for anything New Age, said, "Why do you waste your time on such nonsense as psychics? How anyone can believe that is beyond me."

"The bane of the expository essay is writing," the professor warned us. "Sharpen your ideas, stick to your thesis and provide solid arguments to support your conclusion."


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