Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #70

  1. Hobson's choice
  2. abulia
  3. cloture
  4. contended
  5. susurrations

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Members of the French Senate wanted to continue the debate, but Senator Laurent invoked by demanding an immediate closed vote.

The insurgents had a vision of freedom for which they , but their struggle was ended quickly by the Imperial Guard.

Voting in a communist country is frequently a : They give you a ballot with only one name on it.

The house lights dimmed, the curtain rose and the stage lights went up, but nothing else happened. Within a minute, I heard throughout the audience. People whispered, "What's going on here?" and "Did they forget to hire actors?"

Making plans doesn't work for me because I suffer from : I want to follow through on my objectives, but I don't have the will-power to do much of anything.


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