Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #7

  1. animadversion
  2. belvedere
  3. ennui
  4. harridan
  5. incipient

Put the correct word's number in each box:

While her beloved was at sea, the lonely young woman spent her days on the of her father's estate. She hoped to be the first to spot her young man's ship approaching the bay.

The president's harsh statements about several minority groups resulted in from every direction.

In her youth she was a gracious, well-mannered woman with a kind smile and a soft voice. Fifty years later, she is a more vulgar than an intoxicated ruffian.

At the beginning of their marriage, Joan's husband Bob filled each day with delight. But in recent years, their union was weary and unsatisfying. "How did we ever allow our salad years to deteriorate to this level of ?" Joan asked Bob.

He was an astute mayor able to identify the tensions in his town. Thanks to his keen perception, the mayor was able to avert a crisis.


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