Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #60

  1. Laodicean
  2. diadem
  3. hackneyed
  4. mollycoddled
  5. thimblerig

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Sean is . He never offers an opinion on religion or politics.

"If you were a king, you would wear a crown and the servants would do the dishes," Shelia told her husband. "But I don't see a on your head, so grab a towel and start drying."

After the divorce Susan her son. The excessive attention caused him to become a megalomaniac.

"Step right up! The game is only a dollar!" the carnival attendant barked. "Guess which cup the ball is under and win the prize! It's an honest game; I promise I won't you."

In the 1950's, if someone was "cool," he was the greatest kid on the block. Today's youth have the word and the label carries little weight.


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