Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #60

  1. Laodicean
  2. diadem
  3. hackneyed
  4. mollycoddled
  5. thimblerig

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Step right up! The game is only a dollar!" the carnival attendant barked. "Guess which cup the ball is under and win the prize! It's an honest game; I promise I won't you."

"If you were a king, you would wear a crown and the servants would do the dishes," Shelia told her husband. "But I don't see a on your head, so grab a towel and start drying."

After the divorce Susan her son. The excessive attention caused him to become a megalomaniac.

Sean is . He never offers an opinion on religion or politics.

In the 1950's, if someone was "cool," he was the greatest kid on the block. Today's youth have the word and the label carries little weight.


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