Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #6

  1. circumspect
  2. contradistinction
  3. de rigueur
  4. jauntiest
  5. piker

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Candice wanted to wear her pastel dress to a party in New York City's East Village, but she knew that outfit wouldn't be . Instead, she donned black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a trendy black leather jacket.

John owns a stock portfolio that's the envy of Wall Street, a Manhattan penthouse, and a home in Malibu. Still, he refuses to tip more than ten percent. Despite his wealth, John is a .

Stephen Sondheim writes psychologically complex musical plays that explore social issues through music, character, and language. In , Andrew Lloyd Webber creates light-hearted fluff: entertaining, but frequently lacking depth.

Winning the Nobel Prize transformed the reticent chemist. He no longer walked the campus inconspicuously; he became one of the people around.

Being a business owner, Mr. Tobin considered all trends in consumer choice and decided it was time to diversify his product offerings.


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