Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #6

  1. circumspect
  2. contradistinction
  3. de rigueur
  4. jauntiest
  5. piker

Put the correct word's number in each box:

John owns a stock portfolio that's the envy of Wall Street, a Manhattan penthouse, and a home in Malibu. Still, he refuses to tip more than ten percent. Despite his wealth, John is a .

Stephen Sondheim writes psychologically complex musical plays that explore social issues through music, character, and language. In , Andrew Lloyd Webber creates light-hearted fluff: entertaining, but frequently lacking depth.

Candice wanted to wear her pastel dress to a party in New York City's East Village, but she knew that outfit wouldn't be . Instead, she donned black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a trendy black leather jacket.

Being a business owner, Mr. Tobin considered all trends in consumer choice and decided it was time to diversify his product offerings.

Winning the Nobel Prize transformed the reticent chemist. He no longer walked the campus inconspicuously; he became one of the people around.


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