Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #5

  1. Zeitgeist
  2. ad hominem
  3. fuliginous
  4. omphaloskepsis
  5. perfunctory

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Attempting to repent for his numerous indiscretions, Tom presented his wife with a gold necklace. His wife, unimpressed by the gesture, gave Tom only a nod of thanks.

The accomplished economics professor presented a cogent plan for economic growth, but adversaries attacked her with a series of arguments engendered by her affiliation with the Communist Party.

The biographer not only detailed the extraordinary life of Thomas Edison, but also captured the of his turn of the century era: a time of amazing technical feats when anything seemed possible.

Several members of Congress objected to the language of the bill. "It's too obscure, leaving far too many loopholes," commented one congresswoman.

"Today we are going to learn about ," the Zen master announced. "As a fetus, one receives nutrition through the navel. As adults, we concentrate on the navel to receive mental nutrition."


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