Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #25

  1. deasil
  2. educed
  3. pejorative
  4. prospective
  5. widdershins

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Bob isn't a manager; he considers only the immediate consequences of his decisions.

When I was nine, I was convinced I had no musical talent. Then my parents took me to a patient violin teacher. She my latent musicality and today I am a professional musician.

After Billy launched a vitriolic tirade against his social studies teacher, his mother calmly said, "Don't you know that statements about your teacher won't get you a better grade? Only hard work will."

The intersection of Clarke Road and Morris Avenue is critical. If you turn —which is the correct path—all will be well. If, however, you turn left, you will be turning and I don't know where it will take you.


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