Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #2

  1. debacle
  2. drubbing
  3. languor
  4. sybaritic
  5. temerarious

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Despite Mr. Moore's expectations of a solid victory in the race for mayor of New York City, he suffered a stunning defeat, garnering less than two percent of the vote. "My campaign has been a ," Moore said, "and to be blunt, I blame my campaign staff. A few months ago, set in among my staff. Instead of pounding the streets convincing people to 'Vote Moore,' they spent most of their time daydreaming and Web surfing." But Moore didn't reserve his criticism for the people he hired. He took a few shots at his opponent, Maria Trino: "If you think Ms. Trino will make a good mayor for New York, you are sadly mistaken. Don't buy her working-class act. In reality, Ms. Trino lives a life in her Upper East Side apartment overlooking Central Park. The fact that she believes New Yorkers will continue to buy her act speaks volumes to her character." Shortly after Moore's outburst a few of Ms. Trino's most muscular supporters—armed with baseball bats—gave Mr. Moore quite a .


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