Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #18

  1. alacrity
  2. demagogue
  3. gallows humor
  4. jackleg
  5. scarab

Put the correct word's number in each box:

After moving into their new apartment somewhere in North Carolina, the young couple didn't have enough money for a coffee table. So they used a plank of wood and two crates to construct a table.

Although assigned to the toughest region in the country, Mary was an enthusiastic salesperson who eagerly accepted her new challenge. In her yearly performance appraisal, Mary's boss commented, "Mary tackles the most daunting assignments with refreshing ."

The general warned his troops that a fierce battle was ahead. "But don't worry," the general said, "I've heard the grim reaper is in a good mood today!" None of his soldiers appreciated the .

"My tomb is almost complete," the pharaoh said. "To finish it, I want a large erected in my burial chamber. A sacred beetle will bring me good fortune as I make my journey."

Some view the president as a who made a passionate—but not factual—plea for his country to go to war.


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