Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #176

  1. commissure
  2. coterminously
  3. elegiac
  4. flagon
  5. haggis

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Senator Hattsfield and I served in the U.S. Senate," the frail pol said as he eulogized his friend and colleague. "We were sworn in in January 1959 and left in 1965." After fifteen minutes of recalling Hattsfield's accomplishments, he concluded the eulogy with a few lines by Thomas Gray.

"Exactly how much have you had to drink?" Marie Le Pen asked her obviously intoxicated husband. When all she received was a silent, sodden stare, she grabbed the handle of the and flipped open its lid. Peering into the empty container she said, "Apparently quite a bit."

"My grandmother on the Scottish side used to make , but I never saw her prepare it" Bonnie said. "I thought it tasted pretty good—especially with her choice of onions and spices, but you know the adage: it's better to eat stuff like that without watching it be made."

The attacker, razorblade in hand, lunged at the girl. With one merciless swipe he slashed the girl's face from the left corner of her mouth to the left temple. Later, in the emergency room, the doctor began stitching the gash at her left and continued up her face.


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