Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #175

  1. antipode
  2. bathos
  3. captious
  4. druthers
  5. earwigging

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"My boss never looked at the big picture," Rosemary told the human resources director during her exit interview. "She never stopped carping about the most minute, irrelevant flaws, even though my performance was way above the company's expectations. I had to quit; no one can endure a boss for long."

Joseph Stalin, a dedicated Communist, was the economic of Ronald Reagan, an indefatigable Capitalist.

"Commandant Andreyev?" the informant Volkov whispered, glancing in every direction to ensure no one was on their conversation. "I must have your undivided attention on a matter most urgent to Mother Russia."

"A good writer can employ craftily," the instructor told the class, adding a stern admonition: "But it must be obvious to the reader that the transition from the sublime to the ridiculous is intentional. If not, the reader will laugh at you and not with you."

If Sam had his he'd major in philosophy, but his father is paying for college so Sam is pre-med.


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