Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #172

  1. accretion
  2. aquiline
  3. chiaroscuro
  4. phatic
  5. scries

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Note the use of employed by the director of Nosterfu," the film professor said to his class. "Consider the iconic scene of the beast ascending the stairs. You see very few gray tones in the frame, it's all light and dark."

A wrinkled and hoary but mercurial woman, hunched over her crystal ball, for her client desperate for a glimpse into the future....

The geologist peered at the river for several minutes. Finally, he said, "I suspect these steep shores were formed by . Over the years, the sediment in the water piled up on the land, narrowing the river, causing it to flow faster."

"How are you?" the maitre d' said, not concerned about the guest's welfare, but rather offering that obligatory utterance.

"Handsome?" Deborah objected, incredulous that her best friend found the actor attractive. "With his nose, are you crazy? He looks like an eagle...well, maybe if you like Roman noses I can understand, but it's not something that turns me on."


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