Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #171

  1. epigrams
  2. fustian
  3. sedulousness
  4. tenebrous
  5. vertiginous

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"You can go to the top of the Empire State Building," Martha told her family, "but I intend to keep my feet planted firmly on Fifth Avenue. You know how dizzy even the slightest height makes me and I have no desire to expose myself to either of those observation decks."

"Senator, you are to desist!" the chairman bellowed, banging his gavel in an attempt to silence the garrulous politician. "This committee has no time for your bombast. If you have a point to make, make it and cut out the . Show some respect for the schedules of your fellow senators and abandon your pompous, highfalutin speech!"

After years of auditions, acting classes, singing lessons, dance workshops and demeaning bit roles, Maria's finally paid off when her agent called to tell her she booked the lead in a Broadway musical.

The opposing force's destruction of the power plant coincided with a new moon, making the night thick, black and foreboding. What was left of the dispirited, uncertain brigade forged on across the landscape, groping through their dark surroundings.

"Before you leave to begin college life, I want to share with you three of my favorite ," Grandmother said with the wave of her hand that always preceded sagacity. "First: 'An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.' Second: 'Experience is the teacher of all things.' And third: 'It ain't a party until something gets broken.'"


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