Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #170

  1. factitious
  2. pellucid
  3. skinflint's
  4. sublunary
  5. toper

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"In our older, socially-isolated patients we sometimes see disorders," Dr. Seul told the residents. "A patient presents with an array of so-called symptoms. In many, but not all, of these cases just a cursory examination reveals the symptoms to be complete fabrications. In rarer cases, patients intentionally harm themselves or even go so far as to contaminate samples. These people are trying to obtain some social interaction by deceiving those of us in the medical community."

"You're not going to make any money working for that piker," Elizabeth told her daughter about the girl's new boss. "My first job as a teenager was for that father and he didn't even want to pay me minimum wage!"

"Fast cars, expensive jewelry, rich foods and spacious houses...I'm into all those pleasures," the atheist told her religious friend. "I know I won't be spending eternity in the paradise you hold so dear."

Stumbling out of the bar, as he did most evenings, the crashed into an elderly passerby. "Watch where you are going," the old woman admonished as her nostrils met the whiskey fumes wafting from the drunkard. "Perhaps you should lay off the hooch, sir! There's a coffeehouse around the block, it might do you some good to try teetotalism." But the unperceptive boozehound just carried on with an inebriated gait.

A decade before the deleterious effects of Alzheimer's disease, Professor Chiaro was the opposite of his current bewildered self. He could deftly tackle the most advanced mathematical problem and write papers of his results.


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