Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #17

  1. desultory
  2. edulcorate
  3. gonzo
  4. redolent
  5. reproached

Put the correct word's number in each box:

His speech was so I thought he had Attention Deficit Disorder.

"Your work needs to stick to the facts and present those facts in a down-to-earth manner. Stop being subjective," the editorial director told the young reporter. "If you submit one more piece of writing I will have to fire you."

Her father was a baker, so freshly-baked bread was of her youth.

"With all that vinegar, this salad dressing can be a bit on the acidic side," Martha said. "But don't worry, you can it with a tablespoon of sugar."

Her conviction for grand theft her family. Her father was so disgraced he wrote her out of his will.


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