Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #169

  1. idée fixe
  2. Lothario
  3. exchequer
  4. laconically
  5. nugatory

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"So in addition to your wife in Atlanta, you have mistresses in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Rome," the psychologist told her grinning client while attempting to mask her disdain. "Anyone can see that philandering is your obsession, your . You suffer from what lay people call Don Juanism. Some of your buddies might admire your prowess at seduction and call you a ...but I think you're a cad and a louse!"

Evenings at the Met and dinners at Le Cirque were common when the money was flowing. Now that my personal is depleted, I'm lucky if I get a bowl of mac-and-cheese while listening to the radio.

"I can sing better than Garland, Streisand and Cher combined...but with a face like this my vocal talents are ," Sharon said as she entered a plastic surgeon's number into her cellphone.

"I am a very busy man," the disgruntled judge told the attorneys appearing in his court. "I have no time for your flowery, verbose filings. Get to the point and be terse. Your written documents will be most appreciated by this court."


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