Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #168

  1. bellwether
  2. bombinated
  3. pugilists
  4. raki
  5. seneschal

Put the correct word's number in each box:

After the death of his , Lord Chaucer needed to find a new steward for the estate.

The morning after a night of excessive imbibing I switched on my electric razor. It and even that muted buzz gave me a crippling headache.

"...and Tony the Bone Crusher tries a jab at Iron Fist Rocky. But Rocky is quick with his bob and weave, recovering to deliver an uppercut. Look at those duke it out, ladies and gentlemen...."

The landslide election of a Marxist from the Socialist Party served as a for the country's fall to Communism.

"The first time I had , I was on my honeymoon in Greece," Dr. Stuart told the bartender who had never heard of the drink. "We ordered a seafood dinner and the drink's anise flavor complemented the shrimp."


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