Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #167

  1. arabesque
  2. buffo
  3. chary
  4. dragooned
  5. euphonious

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The deft attorney conducted a textbook deposition, but the witness remained . She provided the attorney with only the information she wanted him to have.

After four strong drinks, Larry proved himself the of Mary's party: He crowned himself with a lampshade and attempted to sing something that might have been Leporello's "Catalog Aria" from Don Giovanni.

"Sometimes I enjoy ," the architecture critic said, "if the design is done carefully with laser-like precision. Usually, I prefer undecorated surfaces."

"Speak this speech, I tell you, trippingly on your tongue, with your words sounding more like music than speech," the director told the young actor. "No one wants their ears split by a romantic lead uttering the strident, pedestrian speech of the city streets; your monologue must be ."

The populace was into adherence to the Socialist Party's new labor law; the courts ordered the public flogging of anyone who worked more hours than allowed.


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