Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #165

  1. Linden
  2. agogic
  3. bandolier
  4. litchi
  5. tranches

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Mr. Morgan, this is the First Bond Corporation calling. We have a collection of bonds for sale and we're wondering if you might be interested in purchasing. The bonds are divided into , based on risk to the investor and maturity date...."

He marched into battle gripping his musket, a long row of charges across his .

"Yesterday we explored the staccato articulation and had a lot of fun playing those short little notes. Today, we are going to study accents," the music professor told his students. "This type of accent is achieved by lengthening the duration in which a note is played...."

"I want the driveway lined with both American and some type of evergreen," the heiress instructed her gardener. "Then, in autumn, the deciduous trees will be ablaze and all that green will just accentuate the vibrant colors. You know what," she added, hit by a landscaping inspiration, "for the evergreen trees, I want you to plant . That way, I can crack open the pink shells and enjoy the perfume flavor of their fleshy fruit right from my car! But wait...I'm not sure those trees can grow this far north.... Well, look it up and get back to me."


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