Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #163

  1. concupiscence
  2. escutcheon
  3. imprecatory
  4. mendicant
  5. shorn

Put the correct word's number in each box:

A wife's inability to satiate her husband's can make him a regular customer at the local brothel.

Imprisoned in Dachau, of all hope and dignity, the political prisoners awaited a fate to be determined by the Nazis.

William, patriarch of the Smithson clan, displayed his family's on the front door of his summer estate. The Smithson coat of arms included two crossed swords topped by a helmet, vaunting the family's history of successful combat.

"Alms! Alms! For a Christ-loving pauper!" the friar pleaded with passersby.

"Lord hear our prayer and smite these sinners for their iniquitous behavior! Bring down Your Wrath on these reprobates! Turn them to stone as you did Lot's wife! Cast them into the pit of hell to burn for eternity!"


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