Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #162

  1. summum bonum
  2. alembic
  3. atelier
  4. inequities
  5. iniquitous

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"His name is Claude Mooney or Monet or something like that," the Parisian dilettante told her latest boyfriend. "I've seen a few of his paintings...I don't think they look very real. He lives somewhere in Argenteuil and he probably paints out of his house; I doubt he's rich enough to afford an ."

Always the showman, whenever Jack Daniels is invited to a bring-your-own-bottle party, he shows up with an and tells the host he intends to make moonshine on the spot.

To a Christian, the is a life lived as the Christian God intends.

Fueled by outrage at a world he perceived full of financial , Karl became a Communist at age twenty-five. He spent the rest of his life attempting to "spread the wealth," hoping to change the world he believed existed.


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