Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #162

  1. summum bonum
  2. alembic
  3. atelier
  4. inequities
  5. iniquitous

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Always the showman, whenever Jack Daniels is invited to a bring-your-own-bottle party, he shows up with an and tells the host he intends to make moonshine on the spot.

To a Christian, the is a life lived as the Christian God intends.

Fueled by outrage at a world he perceived full of financial , Karl became a Communist at age twenty-five. He spent the rest of his life attempting to "spread the wealth," hoping to change the world he believed existed.

"His name is Claude Mooney or Monet or something like that," the Parisian dilettante told her latest boyfriend. "I've seen a few of his paintings...I don't think they look very real. He lives somewhere in Argenteuil and he probably paints out of his house; I doubt he's rich enough to afford an ."


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