Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #161

  1. brinkmanship
  2. diapason
  3. scrofulous
  4. soddened
  5. synecdoche

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Here the composer employs contrast," the music professor told her class. "He writes sixteen monophonic bars of only one melody...played on a single piano. Then, suddenly, his orchestra erupts in , not in the sense of an octave, but in the sense of a rich, full, polyphonic sound."

What an amusing "headhunter" is. Those people aren't recruiting only heads, they are providing whole people. If they were recruiting just heads, they'd need to be able to operate guillotines.

"Our president is a master of ," Professor Quayle told his political science class. "The president threatens and taunts the Communists, bringing them right to the precipice of combat...maybe even nuclear annihilation...then he pauses, giving them an opportunity to capitulate."

After only a few years in jail, his once muscular frame had degraded to a sickly form that matched his debased character: the murderer had lost 50 pounds and developed inflammation of the skin on his neck.

"Faster! Dig faster!" the godfather barked at Mario, a mob flunky working a shovel into the floor of a remote forest somewhere in New Jersey. "That stiff ain't gonna bury himself." The hit had gone off without a hitch, but a recent nor'easter had the ground. The rain doubled the dirt's weight and made Mario's digging sluggish and laborious.


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