Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #160

  1. gibbous
  2. gimcrack
  3. glogg
  4. gold-bricks
  5. grubstake

Put the correct word's number in each box:

More than half, but not quite full, the moon provided sensual illumination for their first kiss.

"Quit shirking your responsibilities!" the foreman yelled at his crew. "I don't tolerate any on my watch. Every man pulls his weight. No one swindles the boss by goofing around!"

When Birgit finished her risque dance for everyone at the office party, Anders turned to an American coworker and said, "Here in Scandinavia, we have a huge problem with . Birgit really needs to lay off the stuff. Scandinavian punch brings out the animal in her."

"Ain't no one gonna me so I can start prospectin'," Trey said between shots of whiskey. "I know where to find dat gold, yessir I do...but all them money guys think I'd take their investment and blow it on booze."

Always proud of the bracelet Papa gave her on their second date, Mama wore it everywhere, bragging to everyone. We humored her: remarking about how much it must have cost, all the time knowing that it was a worthless bauble painted gold.


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