Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #159

  1. cannonading
  2. filliped
  3. fugleman
  4. noisome
  5. vicissitudes

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Some critics credit Ansel Adams as the of artistic black-and-white photography. While most photographers viewed the medium solely for documentation, Adams developed and published his Zone System, a comprehensive set of exposure and darkroom techniques that others interested in photographic art could employ.

After the enemy for three days, the army was out of cannonballs.

Proponents of the smoking ban emphasized the aspects of second-hand smoke, stressing how troublesome they found the pervasive stench of the noxious cigarette habit.

In the days leading up to the market crash, the of weather seemed to mimic the volatile market. One day the stock exchange was soaring with excitement, the next, the bears came out of hibernation; one day the pavement of Wall Street seemed liquefied by the scorching sun, the next, snow dusted the sidewalks.

"I was about ready to quit my job," Marcia told her best friend, "but last Friday my boss gave me a substantial raise. That my job satisfaction and I'm once again approaching my work with alacrity."


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