Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #158

  1. abreaction
  2. crenellated
  3. execrated
  4. facially
  5. trundle

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"My psychiatrist told me I needed to go under hypnosis to experience an ," Sybil told her mother. "But to relive Daddy's murder, all I really needed was to smell the redolent cigar smoke and hear the grating din of a backroom casino. Standing there among the half-drunk poker players, I had my catharsis, and re-experiencing the emotions and sensations of that night I tried so hard to forget cured me of all the emotional baggage I carried for seven years."

Freddy managed to his dilapidated car—a vehicle unable to travel more than 15 miles per hour—up the driveway and into the garage.

Mrs. Scornish her husband's mistress: "I curse that harlot! May she burn for eternity for her whorish acts! She will never be welcome in my home...let's run her out of town!"

"Emotions expressed are important to the screen actor," the drama teacher explained, "but stage actors must perform with more than just the face. A stage actor must learn to convey emotions with his entire body."

Preparing for imminent battle, the soldiers the top of the castle. Every three to four feet, they knocked holes in the outer stone wall. These loopholes were just large enough to give them a clear shot at the surrounding fields below.


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