Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #157

  1. comity
  2. coxcomb
  3. coxswain
  4. demotic
  5. hiragana

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Maurice paraded around town flaunting such garb as a silk jacket, French gloves and Italian leather shoes. Whenever someone criticized Maurice about his extravagant attire, the dandy replied, "Would you expect someone of my stature and accomplishments to wear anything less? I simply adore being a ."

As part of my four-year study of Japanese writing, I learned .

For decades, the denizens of the small island country lived with an unspoken code of courtesy and affability. In the summer of 1984, however, a civil war destroyed all their and replaced it with a rancor that pitted brother against brother.

The national committee considered two candidates for the nomination. The committee chose Aaron Jones, primarily because of his speech. Jones eschewed highfalutin rhetoric and spoke directly to the people, opting to appear pedestrian, not elitist.

"Jeremy is a terrible rower and he's even worse at directing other oarsmen," Scott told his fellow crew members. "If we let him in the South Shore Regatta, we're sure to lose."


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