Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #156

  1. omnibus
  2. remonstrated
  3. southpaw
  4. tamped
  5. wainscot

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I bought this flat because I fancy the West End and the view of Hyde Park is fantastic," Charles told his housewarming guests. "The walls, however, left a lot to be desired...some sort of gaudy orange stucco all over the place. So, I had my designer every wall with the finest oak he could find."

On being grounded for a week, the son with his father: "You can't ground me, Dad, I'll miss soccer practice, my Spanish study group and my date with Molly." The son's protestations proved futile as the father refused to reverse his decision.

"I never knew your old man is a ," Jack told Marie as he watched her father throw the first pitch. "I always thought he was right-handed, but he's throwing with his left."

Grandpa overfilled his pipe with tobacco then it with his index finger.

"He's an English professor at Syracuse University," the acquisitions editor told co-workers at the publishing company's weekly strategy meeting. "He wants to edit an of Elizabethan drama focusing on Marlowe, Dekker and Greene, but excluding Shakespeare. I told him we'd get back to him in a month."


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