Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #155

  1. feme sole
  2. October surprise
  3. charlotte russe
  4. fifth columnists
  5. golden handcuffs

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I would have been married if it weren't for the big war," Maria said with a pensive glance at a professionally-framed but faded and yellowed photograph of a young, uniformed man. "Friendly fire took my Richard and so I've had the legal status of all of my life."

"I hate to say this," the campaign manager told her candidate, "but it looks like your opponent is going to trounce you in a landslide. You know I usually don't advocate dirty politics but unless you've got an up your sleeve, I suggest we pack our bags and go home."

"For tonight's dinner," Mrs. Ames told her guests, "I've prepared a salad with a vinaigrette, buffalo steaks and home fries, and for dessert: a ."

"The enemy could have learned our invasion plans only if there are spies within our ranks," President Duarte told his military commander."I look to you to identify these and bring them to me for execution."

"Back when the market was at its peak, I thought about leaving," the middle-aged executive said with the hint of a sigh, "but the corporation didn't want to let anyone go. They offered all types of to keep us from starting our own companies."


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