Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #154

  1. cupidity
  2. dilatory
  3. maquette
  4. militated
  5. vituperate

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Janet employed tactics to annoy her boss: she typed letters at half the speed of which she was capable, she kept clients on hold for twenty minute periods and when called into her boss' office, she strolled at a noticeably listless pace.

Not his massive gains in the stock market, nor the appreciation of his real estate, nor his company's stellar net profits, nor being the recipient of one of the largest inheritances in history satisfied the of that tycoon.

I witnessed the irate Mrs. Lynch her employee: "You are belligerent! Your work is the sloppiest I have ever seen! Your appearance is slovenly, and you are rude to my most important clients...you are fired!"

In preparation for a new piece, he carves a crude from balsa. From that simple model he sculpts the finished work.

We planned to spend the weekend on the beach, but a category threehurricane against our agenda.


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