Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #153

  1. conceit
  2. diffidence
  3. hieratic
  4. laggardly
  5. pasted

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Most days Jimmy sprinted to school, but unprepared for his math test he strolled . He hoped he would miss the exam.

"If I could muster up some self-confidence, I'd do better at job interviews," Mark said in his typical reserved manner. "But whenever I step into a human resources office, I exude and the interviewer knows I'm too timid and shy for any managerial position."

Pointing at the cryptic brush strokes on an ancient papyrus, the Egyptologist told his students, "This was not written in hieroglyphics. Note that the writing is cursive and simpler than hieroglyphics. This writing is ."

In desperation, the thief the safe with a crowbar. "You can beat that thing as long as you want, but it ain't gonna pop open," his partner said. "Rather than hit it, why don't ya try to guess the combination?"

"You're of the opinion that once you take my position people will do as you say?" the company's retiring president asked his replacement. "Where did you ever get that idea? Around here, it's just a fanciful notion that the president of the company is the boss. So you can drop your right now; these folks take direction from no one."


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