Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #152

  1. bien-pensants
  2. alameda
  3. bourdon
  4. bowdlerized
  5. provender

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"My dearest Juan," Consuela wrote to her married lover, "Tomorrow afternoon between 1:00 and 1:30, I will stroll the in the center of town. If I do not find you between the trees, I will assume that our relationship—which, perhaps, was never meant to be—is over."

For dramatic effect, the elders of the church employed the deep, ominous bass of the church organ's : At the most intense moments in the service—usually when the preacher referred to hellfire—they instructed the organist to make the building tremble from the pipe's tone.

Jake Tuft retired from farming at 65. Unable to remain inactive, he opened a supply store. He sold to the local farms, keeping the horses and chickens well-fed on hay and corn.

A group of ran the private school. These Catholic, conservative educators allowed the students to read the classics, but only after the teachers all salaciousness. They excised Shakespeare's reference to "making the beast with two backs" from Othello and required D.H. Lawrence's classic to be called Lady Chatterly's Very Good Friend.


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